9 Famous Electronic Companies and Their Globally Recognizable Timeless Electronics Logo

Here we have some of the famous brand marks created in such a way that they have contributed towards their company fame and helped make it globally recognizable.
Let’s have a look at some of such electronics IG60 Free Online jpeg Mortgage Logo Tool:
1. Philips:
The stars and the waves in the Philips emblem still make it one of the most recognizable symbols of all time. The design depicts tradition and technology which has been combined with a bright blue background that give the feel of dependability and trust.
2. LG:
Their business mark consists of the two company initials enclosed creatively in a red colored circle. The design is so unique and distinct that it is instantly memorable. The closeness of the two letters encased represents the close affiliation of the company with its customers. If you look closely, the design can also be interpreted as a human face which signifies the company’s innovative nature.
3. Sony:
They have used their company name in straight black colored fonts with prominent edges on white background. Their emblem is classic and timeless.
4. Panasonic:
Here, the company name is placed in thick and simple fonts that may be timeless but is also boring. Even though there is no particular feature that makes this mark easily memorable, it is still friendly and comfortable at sight.
5. Toshiba:
Here, the company name has been used in thick and red fonts that give it an energetic feel. Even though simple and straight fonts are used for the text and there is no symbol or image that is creating a distinct feel, it is still eye catching because of the use of red color in the brand mark.
6. Samsung:
They have used their company name in straight white fonts with an oval shape placed at an alignment in the background. It is this unique blue colored shape in the background that has made this monogram so unique and memorable.
7. Pioneer:
This maroon colored company name with soft edged fonts gives a very comfortable yet eye catching look to the brand mark. The thickness of the fonts coupled with the slightly slanted placement give it a professional, attractive yet friendly feel that makes this design easily memorable.
8. Aiwa:
They have created the perfect design to reflect technology and trend. The almost abstract look of the brand mark combined with horizontal planes depicts expertise and confidence. The fact that they have used bright red color for their trademark makes it even more attractive.
9. Vizio:
This is the ultimate electronics logo ever created. It consists of the company name in computer like typography which is coupled with a 3 dimensional image of the letter V. The colors that the logo can be seen in are silver, orange and black; all of which give a contemporary feel to the trademark.
Hence, here you have some of the popular electronics brands that have been a symbol for universal familiarity.

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