Top 6 Free Fashion Logo Design Ideas for Menswear Design Brands

Menswear is a rising industry. Because the male population of the world is becoming more inclined towards self grooming, many men’s clothing designers are coming into being.
So, if you’re trying to create the best fashion IG 60 jpg Pets Logo Design for your menswear company, then here are a few ideas for you:
1. Use The Suit:
If you’re designing menswear, then why not use men’s wear in the brand mark?
If you’re creating formal wear, then using illustrations of suits is the perfect choice for you.
Besides the fact that illustrations of formal jackets and ties would make your monogram look creative, you can also couple this type of image with other things to give it a broader margin for creativity.
For example, if you’re branding your menswear logo, then why not use an illustration of a bar code and a suit shirt and fuse them creatively. You can also use a graphic of a top hat or an image of a man in a tuxedo for your emblem.
How about an illustration of three or four men standing with different poses?
2. Sporty Images:
Menswear can easily be associated with sports and athletics but that doesn’t mean that you use sign of a baseball bat or a tennis racket in your brand mark. Use sports that are relatable to the sophisticated audience and high class people of the society. You can use illustrations of a man playing Polo or riding a horse.
3. Crown The King:
If you think your product is fit for a king, then why not use an image of a crown in your trademark. Crowns are aristocratic, elegant, sophisticated and they represent royalty. Use your company name or an initial and top it with a figure of a crown. If your brand is targeted towards the youth, then you can a picture of a lopsided crown to give a young and fun feel to the symbol.
4. Use Accessories –A Tie Or A Briefcase:
For trademarks, subtlety always works. If you’re designing formal wear, instead of using suits and shirts, you can use briefcases or ties in your trademark which will represent discreet wealth and add sophistication to your business symbol.
5. Mythical Creatures:
If you want to add imagination and mystery to your monogram, then why not use mythical creatures to do that. Use creatures that were known to be masculine and virile in their time like Hercules or Achilles. These fabled beings will add a touch of history and tradition to the design. If you want to tell a story of how mysterious and magical your product is, then this is the choice for you.
6. Animal Or Bird Images:
Another free fashion Logo design ideas is to use animals in your emblem. Animal attributes are often associated with product qualities because they easily and successfully represent company features without words. So, look for animals that can represent your product.
Will your customer look elegant, stylish and graceful after wearing your shirts or suits?
Then why not use a jaguar or a cheetah for your business symbol?
In a nutshell, never underestimate the power of your company Logo Design when it comes to attracting men to your product.

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